Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everyone Has an Equal Chance at God's Love

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus explains that God chooses to “cast His seed” without hesitation and without discrimination to whomever receives His word. He says, “A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell by the wayside…some fell on rock….some among thorns….and some fell on good ground.” (Luke 8.5-8) It is important to notice that God didn’t wait to make sure His seed would only fall on good soil. NOR did He worry about whether or not there were weeds “waiting” to choke out the good seed. When God sows His seed, He throws it out for everyone, no matter who they may be. It is then up to us to receive His word, nurture it in our hearts, and bear rich bountiful fruit.


Sometimes, as the parable teaches, demons come and snatch the good seed out of our hearts or our fruit may even rot on the vine. We should never be discouraged though, because next season, God will return to scatter His seed once again and we will have another chance to receive it, nurture it and bring forth fruit. Of course, we should do whatever is in our power to fend off the demons, but there will always be times, hopefully not too many, when we are not strong enough and we see the seed carried away from our hearts.


Sometimes, as the parable teaches, our hearts receive the seed but our world filled with many distractions, draws our attention away and, even when the seed sprouts, it doesn’t produce strong fruit. But again, we should not worry, because God will come again and scatter His seed.


When should we worry? When we give up trying to produce the fruit; that’s when. As long as we keep trying, then God will keep sowing. So if you look into your heart today and can identify with either the path, the thorns, the rocks or even the good soil, consider that God is sowing His seeds for you to receive. Your job is to do the best you can and bear the best fruit with what you have in your heart.


Anonymous said...

Father, I don't think that the parable says that the Sower comes again. Actually, it seems to me that one of the points Jesus is making is that the Sower comes only once. He indeed came only once in the world.

Furthermore, what about those people that never received a seed? Many more non-Christians than Christians live or have lived in this world and the seeds of Christ never reached them. Not only they who came before Christ, but also many who came after, such as the Muslims or even the unborn children. And there's also they who received a distorted version of the Word, such as the Protestants. What does God's Providence do for them?


Fr. Athanasios C Haros said...

Ioannis, God continues to sow His seed every day through the Church.