Monday, December 26, 2011

On the second day of Christmas my friends were all burned out but I’m just getting started!

So many people day returned to work. Some even have undecorated their homes already. What a shame that our society has devolved to such a level as to turn Christmas into a month long party leading up to the feast. It can so much more than that if we want it. So this year why not take your life back and spend the next few days reading the Christmas story in the Holy Scriptures and contemplate what parents of the Holy Innocents (martyred infants by Herod) experienced during their first Christmas.
Some in the world react to the news of Jesus Christ with violence; some react with praise and prayer; some react with a nonchalant attitude of self indulgence. Which are you this year?

Christ is Born; Glorify Him! Christ is come from Heaven; Encounter Him!

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