Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Not Fooled

Driving around town this morning, listening to Christmas carols playing on the radio; it occurred to me that I AM NOT FOOLED one bit. Nope, you can’t fool me! Just because you sing or play or even like to listen to Christmas carols doesn’t mean you have “put Christ back in Christmas” this year.
Saint Paul urges Christians to a dedicate life where certain behaviors are forbidden.

With recent episodes of Glee which glorify teen sexuality and various public movements to remove all Christian influence from society, how can anyone be fooled to believe that Christmas is anything more than a reason for retailers to make their annual profits?

This is exactly why I insist on saying “Merry Christmas” and “God bless you” when I am around town this time of year. There is no “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” coming from my lips. And for those Jews I meet, “Happy Chanukah” is more appropriate. Any don’t get me started on “Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremonies” that are becoming more popular.

Can’t people just be honest? If you don’t really believe in Christ, just admit it and see your products. UNLESS you are afraid you wouldn’t see enough to remain open for business. If that’s your concern, I would worry too much. From what I’ve seen the past few years, most Christians have long since stopped discerning where they do business. A good deal is a good deal….

Merry Christmas!

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