Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faith Sometimes Just Isn’t Enough

“He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay. And He said to him, ‘Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.’” (John 9.6-7) With these words Jesus healed the man who had been born blind, but it wasn’t until he actually obeyed Christ’s command and

“went and washed,” that he “came back seeing.” (John 9.7)

Our faith in Christ, if it is going to accomplish healing in our life, must be accompanied by action. Whenever we see Christ healing, the willing response and action of the one being healed always is necessary. Pick up your pallet and walk; go wash in the pool; stand up; these are all commandments of God to follow faith with action. God has the power to heal any suffering we have, but He depends upon our response to actually live a new life healed.

It would have been simple for the blind man to remain where he was covered with spit and clay, but his eyes would have remained closed not because he was blind but because he never washed. A little action on his part went a long way for him to see. A little action can go a long way in our life too. If we are suffering and God has healed us, we may not know it until we have enough Faith to get up and do something about it.

Put your faith into action! It may be the only thing left between suffering and healing.

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