Thursday, February 18, 2010

“Trust in God with all your heart, and do not exalt your own wisdom.” Proverbs 3.5

What else can be said? We struggle with this reality every day as human beings living in a society that exalts the individual above all other logic. We are encouraged by society to strive for excellence in our jobs not for the glory of God but so we can have large bank accounts. We are taught to trust in our own judgment when it comes to questions of morality. “Nobody can tell ME what is right and what is wrong!” This is our common American mantra.

A life in Christ is different however. We are asked to place our faith and hope and heart in God rather than ourselves. After all, it was individual wisdom that caused our ancestors in the Garden to sin against God. The words from Proverbs today can be a wake-up call for us this year during Great Lent. If we have fallen victim to the temptation of trusting our own wisdom rather than the wisdom of God, let us take advantage of Great Lent with fasting, prayer and almsgiving to redirect our lives toward God.

Each Orthodox Christian Church throughout the world is holding services nearly every day, if not every day, giving us an opportunity to come to God’s House, the Church, and seek forgiveness for turning away from Him. The Church offers the Mystery (Sacrament) of Holy Confession especially during these holy times of Great Lent for us to approach God in repentance.

Embrace Great Lent with prayer, fasting and almsgiving as an offering and labor to God. “Honor the Lord from your righteous labors, and offer Him the first fruits from the fruits of your righteousness, that your storehouses may be filled with abundance of grain, and your winepresses may gush with wine.” (Proverbs 3.9-10)


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Thank you for this post. It spoke to me very deeply today.

Not my will, O Lord, but Thine be done.....

Fr. Athanasios C Haros said...

Glory to God for all things