Friday, January 1, 2010

It Was Only Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, this very moment, many of us were filled with anxiety over whether we would wake up or not in the New Year. Our pantries were overflowing with canned goods and bottled water. Our eyes were glued to the TV not only to watch the NYC “Ball” fall but to witness (or not) the complete collapse of all computer systems…..That was then
It has been ten years since the big Y2K scare and sometimes I wonder how different life really isn’t this year. Rather than a complete collapse of every computer (I still can’t figure out why an elevator shaft would fall to the ground just because the computer thought it was 1900) we wonder whether the economy might collapse instead.

So what is the lesson we should learn? The world is full of unknowns, except for one! It doesn’t matter what we might wonder and panic about, God’s love for us is never an unknown. The only New Year’s Resolution should be…..Let’s put our faith in God this year.

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