Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sin or Repentance, Condemnation or Salvation - The Choice is Ours

“When the woman who was a sinner was offering the myrrh, then the disciple was making terms with the lawless men; she rejoiced in emptying out that which was all-precious; he hastened to sell Him, Who was above all price; she recognized the Master, he severed himself from the Master; she was set free, and Judas became a slave of the enemy. Fearful is the rashness! Great is the penitence! This do Thou, O Savior, grant to me; O Thou Who didst suffer for us, save us.” From the Praises of Matins for Holy Wednesday – sung Tuesday night in anticipation.

These words say it all for me while we wait for the Bridegroom Christ. The Church places these two opposite images of life in front of us as we dwell upon the coming Kingdom of God. Will we be let in our will be kept out? We choose every day, some days every hour, between following the path of Judas which is the path of sin and condemnation leading away from Christ or the path of the woman which is the path of repentance and salvation. The choice is obvious and the choice is ours to make.

Grant this Master.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we're faced with choices almost on an hourly basis as you mentioned, Father. How do we keep from making the wrong choice when the temptation is so great to lash back, to right the perceived wrong against us, to defend ourselves since we believe we have been unjustly used?


Fr. Athanasios Haros said...

James, you presume I have mastered that ability and I have not. The KEY is in our repentance and learning from our mistakes to not lash back or at least lash back less and less until none at all. When we do lash back, the Lord expects us (see my blog from Monday) to seek forgiveness