Saturday, April 26, 2008

“Arise, Oh God and judge the Earth!”

“Arise, Oh God and judge the Earth!” These are the words the Priest and People declare for Holy and Great Saturday, but do we really mean them? Don’t most of us really want to say, arise God but don’t judge me because I can’t stand to know what you might do to me if you did? Well, that wouldn’t make too nice of a hymn on this day when we are joyous in anticipation of the Resurrection of God. The hymn we do sing tells the true story. The hymn continues, “For you shall take all nations in your inheritance.” God will take us as an inheritance and we will live for ever with Him in Paradise. Holy Week has been filled with references to sinners and their repentance, first with the harlot and yesterday with the thief on the cross. Are we ready to allow the stories to be about our sin and our repentance? God loves us and tonight we will show the whole world just much.....Have a blessed Resurrection.

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